Payroll Service

Streamlined Payroll Solutions for Indonesian Enterprises – By delegating your payroll tasks, companies in Indonesia can focus on more strategic and profit-driving tasks. From our hub in Jakarta, we specialize in Payroll Outsourcing (Jasa Payroll Outsourcing) to elevate your business operations

Handle/customized the payroll system with complex salary components
Accurate calculation of salary, overtime, incentive, bonus, Ph 21, BPJS and others
Tax calculation for permanent/contractual employees, local/expatriate, depart/join in middle of year
Following / meeting the lates Labor Laws and Regulations
Tax report of SPT 1721 and SPT 1721-A1
Employee Pay Slip with detials
Journal reports for accounting
Management Reports for analvsis

Accurate and Timely Payroll: Key to Business Success! Handling payroll, from work hours calculation, Ph 21 reporting, to individual transfers, can be tedious and expensive. By leveraging Payroll Services, companies not only cut costs but also ensure precision. Outsourcing often proves more cost-effective than in-house processing, allowing your company to concentrate on core operations. Ready to optimize? Explore our Payroll Solutions today!